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Best practices for conserving water used for irrigation July 29th, 2014


Water consumption used for irrigation accounts for approximately 80 percent of all water use in the United States. Improved irrigation practices can help conserve water.

10 ways to achieve simple water savings:

  1. Conduct an irrigation audit
    An irrigation audit will reveal the condition of your system and specific areas you can reduce excessive water consumption.
  2. Adjust water controller
    Changing your irrigation timer to run according to seasonal changes will save water and money by preventing unnecessary watering.
  3. Fix leaky valves
    Look for running water over curbs or onto sidewalks after your sprinkler system has been turned off. If water is runs constantly after the sprinkler system is off, you have a leaky valve and should clean or replace it.
  4. Relocate sprinklers
    Moving sprinkler heads 4 to 6 inches from the edge of the sidewalk, curb or other places in lawn areas will reduce the amount of spray onto paved surfaces.
  5. Tune up sprinkler system
    A tune up ensures your sprinkler system is functioning efficiently and eliminates degradation, water waste, and expensive water bills.
  6. Install a smart controller
    A smart controller periodically adjusts your water sprinkler operating times according to the water needs of the plants.
  7. Use a rain switch
    A rain switch is a rain sensor that detects measurable rainfall and automatically turns off irrigation valves.
  8. Change sprinkler heads
    In last 20 years, sprinkler technology has advanced with better sprinkler head models. A new, efficient sprinkler head will reduce your sprinkler system’s water consumption.
  9. Use drip irrigation
    Drip irrigation is nearly 20 percent more water efficient compared to sprinklers by dripping water slowly into the roots of plants.
  10. Install automated emergency shutoff controller
    An automated emergency shutoff controller turns off the irrigation system when it breaks. This prevents water waste when the system is down.

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