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How to Bid on Nevada Energy RCx Projects (First Fuel) June 12th, 2015


Nevada Energy has contracted First Fuel to perform energy assessments on commercial buildings in the Las Vegas and Reno metropolitan areas. The primary purpose of this project is to identify buildings that are strong candidates for retro-commissioning (RCx) projects.

For customers that opt to pursue recommendations from the First Fuel assessment, Nevada Energy-sponsored RCx projects are then bid to qualified local engineering companies using the GreenPSF procurement tool. There is no charge for RCx solutions providers to bid on First Fuel-related projects, and no fees paid by the winner bidder.

This tutorial is designed to quickly illustrate three things:

  1. Creating a free account and logging into GreenPSF as a solutions provider
  2. Building a profile to showcase your company and its capabilities, and setting up your team
  3. Bidding on projects

Note: If you’ve already done steps #1-2, please proceed to bidding on projects.

RCx Projects Portal

To get started, visit: to Bid

Create an Account (1 of 2)

If you don’t already have a login, click create an account to get started. The process is free and fast. Select Solutions Provider as your role.choose-account-type

Create an Account (2 of 2)

Provide basic information about you and your company. Following registration, you’ll have the opportunity to build a more detailed company profile that showcases your firm’s capabilities.create-account-sp

Get Started

Upon your first login, you’ll be prompted to complete your company profile. This step is optional, but highly recommended. Information added to your profile is publicly-viewable and used to help prospective customers find and hire your company.forsp-modal

Build Your Company Profile

There are a variety of fields that describe your company. Beyond basic company information, the most important are Company Type, Solutions Offered, and Market Areas Served. These are used to match prospective customers with your company.

Important Note: If you do not select Las Vegas and Reno as market areas served, you will not be able to receive online leads for RCx projects from Nevada Energy and First Fuel. sp-profile-company-type                   sp-profile-solutions-offered                   sp-profile-solutions-market-areas

Showcase Your Work

When you’ve completed your company profile, consider adding a few examples of your work. The project gallery helps prospective customers understand your company’s capabilities and adds credibility.

Note: this information is publicly-viewable across our network of websites, so if confidentiality is an issue you may wish to anonymize some data fields (e.g., “RCx services for a global food processing company” vs. listing your former client’s exact name).profile-project

Get Client Reviews

Positive customer reviews also lend additional credibility and help your company win business. From the left-hand navigation, click Reviews to get started, then use the form to request a review from a former client. The process for a reviewer is quick and easy.

Add Team Members

If you’re working in teams to respond to Requests for Proposals, add your team members into your company. They’ll create their own GreenPSF user accounts and will have access to your company’s project opportunities within the platform.

Go to My Account (upper-righthand corner of screen) > Company Settings (left-hand navigation), and then click Invite Colleagues to send them an email invitation.invite-colleagues

The following section of the tutorial discusses bidding on projects.

Receive New Project Opportunities

When a new project RFP is issued to your company, you’ll receive an email (as well as a follow-up phone call). The email message contains basic information about the project and a link to view more details.invitation-to-bid

Access Your Projects

After logging in, you’ll see a notification on your dashboard that you’ve got open projects. Follow the link (or click Projects from the left-hand navigation) and then choose a project from the list.




View a Project

Basic project information is provided upfront, including a timeline to bid. Project details remain “locked” until you opt-in to GreenPSF’s terms of use, which includes representing your company factually, keeping data confidential, etc. When deciding whether to bid, we encourage you to clarifying questions upfront.

Decide to Bid

Click the blue button to decide to bid.

Note: There is no charge for RCx solutions providers to bid on First Fuel-related projects, and no fees paid by the winner bidder.

View the Project Details

Upon opting to bid, you’ll gain access to the RFP details — including property and project descriptions, photos, documentation, and the First Fuel RCx assessment / work order.

Important Note: be sure to read the bid instructions, which may contain time-sensitive information related to scheduling a property walk-through.

Ask Clarifying Questions

Throughout the process, we encourage you to ask clarifying questions. If new information becomes available that impacts all bidders, the project administrator will post updates to the Notification Center and send email alerts so that everyone has equal information.


Submit Your Proposal

The GreenPSF proposal template includes standardized data fields (e.g., total project cost, materials, labor, etc.). You are also encouraged to submit additional attachments with your company’s proposal details, background, qualifications, etc. You may save progress and return to the proposal multiple times before making a final submission. Once submitted, future proposal modifications must be coordinated with the project administrator.

Submit your company’s proposal prior to the project deadline (you’ll receive an email reminder 24 hours prior). If you have trouble using the RFP system or meeting the deadline, contact the project administrator as soon as possible.

The complete proposal template is illustrated below.


Next Steps

Once submitted, the project administrator will check your proposal for completeness. The client will review all proposals and if you are selected as a finalist, you’ll finalize a contract directly, offline.

Getting Support

For technical support using the GreenPSF procurement system, please email or call (888) 950-0474.

For RCx project questions, please contact:

Brian Kimball
First Fuel
Director of Customer Solutions
(408) 355-5633

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