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Complete core activities to become an IREM® Certified Sustainable Property September 5th, 2014

To become an IREM® Certified Sustainable Property, property managers must complete 20 of 24 core activities in the IREM® Sustainable Property Challenge.

Required Core Activities (complete 12 of 12)
Complete all of the following 12 activities to earn IREM®’s CSP:

Fast Track
E&O-001Get educated on energy and sustainabilityComplete 10 hours of IREM-approved energy and sustainability educational courses, training, or related eventsN/A
E&O-002Complete the GreenPSF Property ProfilePerform a self-assessment of your building systems and operations. Add relevant events to your TimelineN/A
E&O-003Engage and collaborate with internal and external stakeholdersCommunicate past, current, and planned efficiency initiatives with property stakholdersN/A
ENR-001Get an energy benchmark and anonymously share dataCreate a Portfolio Manager account, get a benchmark score, and anonymously share data with IREM SustainabilityN/A
ENR-002Achieve a Portfolio Manager score of 60 or higherUse Portfolio Manager to benckmark your property and achieve a score of 60 or higher demonstrate a 15% year-over-year improvement over your initial baselineLEED certified buildings have met this requirement.
ENR-003Document operational best practices for energy managementDocument a building operating plan, systems narrative, sequence of operations, and preventive maintenance plan for energy management at your property. Review the plan every 2 yearsLEED certified buildings have met this requirement.
ENR-004Get an energy auditPerform an ASHRAE Level I audit of your property (within the past 5 years)LEED certified buildings have met this requirement.
H2O-001Perform a water consumption and fixtures auditMeasure water consumption, share data with stakeholders, and establish processes reducing water consumption. For fixtures that fall below an the IPC/UPC 2006 standard, perform a cost-benefit analysis for upgradingLEED certified buildings may have met this requirement.
M&W-001Implement a solid waste management and recycling planCreate and implement a plan aimed at reducing the amount of solid waste sent to a landfill from your propertyLEED certified buildings have met this requirement.
IEP-001Implement a plan for maintaining indoor air qualitySet goals and strategies for monitoring and managing space temperature, humidity, particulate filtration systems, allergens and irritants, and CO2. Create a mechanism for tenants to provide feedback / report issues.LEED certified buildings may have met this requirement.
TEN-001Setup tenant spaces in GreenPSFSetup GreenPSF tenant spaces, then provide access tenantsN/A
TEN-002Identify efficiency opportunities for tenantsOffer to work with tenants to perform a cost-benefit analysis of least 3 energy and sustainability initiativesN/A

Elective Core Activities (8 of 12)
Complete 8 of the following 12 activities to earn IREM®’s CSP:

Fast Track
E&O-004Get peers to participate in IREM SustainabilityGet 3 colleagues to login to IREM Sustainability and provide mentoring, as neededN/A
ENR-005Identify and quantify energy efficiency opportunitiesPerform a cost-benefit analysis of at least 5 potential energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives and share the results with stakeholdersN/A
ENR-006Monitor energy consumption on a monthly or quarterly basisImplement a system to review energy consumption and share information with stakeholders on a monthly or quarterly basisN/A
ENR-007Get a lighting and lighting controls auditGet a lighting audit for interior and exterior common areas and spaces and perform a cost-benefit analysis for implementing changes (within the past 3 years)N/A
H2O-002Meet minimum standards for water efficiencyMeet or exceed a water consumption baseline based on IPC/UPC 2006 demonstrate a 10% year-over-year improvement over an initial baseline. Requirements vary based the property's year built / last renovatedLEED certified buildings have met this requirement.
M&W-002Promote recycling to occupants on an ongoing basisCreate communications and signage, provide recepticles, and monitor recycling program adoption, and share resultsN/A
IEP-002Create and implement a sustainable purchasing policy for the property's common areasDocument and implement a purchasing policy for the property that addresses the following issues: 1) energy and water efficient products; 2) alternatives to excess waste, pollutants, or hazardous materials; 3) preference for products that are made from recycled materials or may be reused; 4) opportunities to procure energy from renewable sourcesN/A
IEP-003Educate tenants on sustainable purchasingConduct a training session and provide tenants with documentation for developing their own sustainable purchasing policiesN/A
IEP-004Implement a green cleaning policyWrite and put in place a green cleaning policyLEED certified buildings have met this requirement.
TPT-001Conduct a commuter surveyDetermine how occupants currently get to work, then use the resulting data as a foundation for promoting alternative transportationLEED certified buildings may have met this requirement.
TPT-002Implement and promote clean transportation initiativesImplement and promote at least one of the following clean transportation initiatives: ridesharing, bicycle storage, preferred parking for low-emission vehicles, EV charging stations, or on-site showers / changing roomsN/A
TEN-003Create an ongoing forum for tenant sustainabilityEstablish quarterly tenant meetings to provide education, share best practices, provide updates, and answer questionsN/A

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