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How to connect your properties once you’ve set up an Energy Star Portfolio Manager sync July 18th, 2014

Syncing your GreenPSF and Portfolio Manager accounts allows you to get the most out of both systems. To learn how to set up an Energy star Portfolio Manager account, click here. To learn how to sync your GreenPSF and Energy Star accounts, click here.

Once your accounts are synced, you still need to connect your properties between the two platforms. This is especially necessary if you have multiple properties.

1. On the top of the screen, select “Energy Star Sync”

Energy star Sync


2. On the left hand navigation, select “My ESPM Syncs”

Sync Account 1


3.For each of your listed ESPM properties (in the left column), select the matching property from your GreenPSF properties and spaces (dropdown menu in right column)

Sync Account 2



4. Save your changes

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