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Easy behavioral changes to reduce energy consumption July 29th, 2014

As you wrap up your work day, take a few simple steps to improve energy efficiency:

Power down your PCs, monitors, and power strips when not in use

  • Activate the sleep mode on your computer to reduce the energy consumption in your office. To power down your computer, click on Start (lower left corner of your screen), Shut Down and select Stand By from the pull-down menu

Unplug your phone chargers when finished charging

  • While cell phones chargers stay plugged into the socket, they drain power even if not connected with your phone. Prevent this unnecessary power-drain by unplugging any electronic charger when not in use

Turn off the lights when you leave a space

  • Lighting accounts for about between 30% to 40% of electricity used in the office. When you notice an empty space with the lights on (or ample daylight), simply flip the switch. If you’re the last person to leave a conference room or workspace, shut off the lights

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