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Employee Engagement: Gamified Energy Efficiency Programs May 13th, 2015

So you’ve created a sustainability policy for your organization, but how do you actively engage employees or tenants in your sustainability initiatives? Gamification!

The ACEEE Study, Gamified Energy Efficiency Programs, presents ways to actively engage employees, promote behavior change within an organization, expand both top-line and bottom-line results, and even provide transparency in an increasingly efficient and effective way. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy DC’s (ACEEEdc) report reveals a rich store of information on 53 games and apps, showing how gamification encourages sustainability-oriented actions and positive behavior changes.

The study shows the elements of a successful gamified app (clear goals and rules of play, a compelling storyline, short-term but achievable tasks, and quick feedback), as well as the positive impacts of sustainability on areas such as energy efficiency, waste, health, and financial savings.

See the report here.

Get double points! In addition to helping you complete Challenge activities and meet sustainability goals, you can also earn 50 additional ‘gamification’ points for each game you create in any of the Challenge categories!


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