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Energy Use – Saving on that summer energy bill August 5th, 2015

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Broadly speaking, energy efficiency refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. In the context of the workplace, this may include increasing awareness of what consumes energy, changing behavior and turning off equipment or systems when not in use, and upgrading to more efficient equipment.

How Buildings Consume Energy

In a typical commercial office building, HVAC (50%), lighting (25%), and computer equipment (10-15%) consume the overwhelming majority of energy. Energy efficient buildings — often denoted by the LEED or Energy Star designations — consume 26% less energy and have 13% lower maintenance costs. On average, utility costs for commercial office buildings are $2.04 per square foot, per year.

Our Energy Efficiency Opportunity

We estimate that pursuing energy efficiency within the workspace — turning off lights in spaces that don’t need them, putting computers to sleep when leaving the office, and upgrading some equipment — can save between 10-15% of energy expenses annually. This represents over a million dollars of cost savings and also delivers a positive environmental impact.

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Each and every individual within an office can help make a positive impact this summer by following a few simple best practices:

  • Turn off lights in spaces that don’t need them such as conference rooms, the kitchen, and task lighting at desks
  • Put your computers to sleep when leaving the office for over 1 hour
  • Do not adjust the thermostat in shared office spaces
  • Unplug phone chargers: chargers are continually drawing power, and the average charger is consuming .26W of energy when not in use and 2.24W even when a fully charged device is connected to it
  • Adjust sleep settings for computers, copiers and printers to only turn on when in use
  • Close your blinds while you are out of the office


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