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How GreenPSF ‘Challenges’ work June 10th, 2015


The Green Per Square Foot (PSF) platform combines database software with gamification to accelerate adoption for energy & sustainability initiatives:

  • Participants are issued a ‘Challenge’ with specific activities to complete
  • Completing activities earns points and moves participants up a leaderboard
  • Metrics are taken before, during, and after the Challenge to quantify progress
  • High achievers are given recognition or rewards

As our experiences in Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, and other communities demonstrated, turning sustainability into a friendly competition creates an imperative to act and increases participant adoption.


For Governments, Corporations, Schools, Trade Associations, and Real Estate Portfolios

GreenPSF’s ‘Challenge’ platform is ideal for variety of organizations that seek to advance sustainability, including:

  • Governments & utilities: local businesses compete within a community
  • Corporations: employees at various locations compete within a company
  • Education: students compete across schools or classrooms (K-12), or dormitories (higher ed)
  • Trade Associations: members compete on sustainability initiatives
  • Real estate portfolios: property and facility managers compete across multiple buildings

The Challenge platform may feature custom branding, content, social media integration, events, and corporate sponsors (if applicable). Branding for a large property owner is illustrated below.


Challenge Home

When Challenge participants log on, they view a summary of their progress relative to peers. From here, they can review the leaderboard and get more points by completing activities.



Participants are presented with activities, which are typically organized into categories (e.g., energy efficiency, water conservation, etc.) Activities are customizable and may include a variety of initiatives related to education and awareness, operational improvements, and efficiency retrofits. Point values for each completed activity and categories are also customizable.


Completing Activities

Activities include links to articles that illustrate how to complete them. GreenPSF maintains a content library of over 200 activities and 400 educational articles to support its ‘Challenge’ partners — which organizations may adapt to suit their own programs. An example of a Knowledge Center article is illustrated below.


Validating Completed Activities

Participants earn points by completing activities. For each activity, the Challenge organizer may require proof of completion (e.g., photo, narrative, form).



Points are tallied and displayed on a leaderboard to motivate peers. Clicking a participant highlights their completed activities.


Working in Teams

Organizations can form ‘Green Teams’, allowing multiple people to collaborate. Each participant gets their own login to the GreenPSF platform.


Property Manager + Tenant Collaboration

On behalf of tenants, property managers can configure spaces within building and encourage individual businesses within their buildings to participate in the Challenge. This provides valuable marketing leverage to increase adoption.



Measuring Results

Portions of the Challenge may be metrics-driven. From the onset, participants may opt to create a baseline that measures existing utility and resource consumption – and then track progress on go-forward basis. Challenge participants may use the GreenPSF platform to benchmark performance across participants, as well as integrate with the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager.



Recognition & Awards

At the conclusion of the Challenge, organizations may recognize participants for outstanding achievements.


Program Administration

Challenge administrators have access to a dashboard to manage participants, edit activities, run progress reports, and more.


Getting Started

To learn more about creating a Challenge program for your organization, call (888) 950-0474 or email

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