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How GreenPSF Customer Engagement Works June 10th, 2015


Getting building owners, managers, and corporate tenants to care about energy and sustainability and take action to make improvements is challenging. Common barriers include:

  • Lack of information: people don’t know what their opportunities are, or whether they’ll pay off
  • Limited access to capital: budgets and timing often don’t support projects with upfront costs
  • Inertia: changing behavior is more difficult than maintaining the status quo

Furthermore, every building and business is unique, which means that one-size-fits-all solutions for sustainability are nonexistent. GreenPSF uses software, data, and relationships to engage customers effectively, while minimizing expenses.

‘White labeling’ our platform for partners

Many utilities, governments, trade associations, schools, and corporations have sustainability programs (or mandates), but most lack a digital platform to get organized. We co-brand our platform, so that our partners can engage their target audiences.

The Institute of Real Estate Management, a trade association for property managers, is illustrated below.


Engaging customers with easy-to-use software and tailored content

Together with our partners, we empower building stakeholders to learn about opportunities, then connect with qualified experts to get projects done. Using our platform, customers can:

An example of our user-centric design and functionality is illustrated below.


Performing targeted outreach campaigns

We have detailed building data and contact information for over 1 million commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties throughout the US. With this as the foundation, we can execute targeted outreach campaigns on behalf of our clients and partners.


Getting educated

Building owners, managers, and users start by browsing educational content online. For a more personalized experience, they can create a free account which allows them to tailor content and manage data.


Managing energy & sustainability data

Users can profile their buildings (and businesses), setup an event timeline, and benchmark performance with Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This information is used to track progress make recommendations for saving energy, water, and waste.


Discovering savings opportunities

For each location, the most relevant savings recommendations are presented in non-technical, plain English.


Finding project incentives

GreenPSF maintains the industry’s most robust, free incentives database and places geo-targeted incentives alongside savings recommendations.

Project Incentives

Getting bids to do projects

With the push of a button, users can get multiple project quotes from qualified solutions providers.

Get Project Bids

Collaborating and sharing information

Users can share access to their data with team members and solutions providers, as well as with local governments and utilities.


Connecting property managers and business tenants

Property managers can setup spaces within their buildings and show tenants how to Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.40.26 PMsave money.


Partner with GreenPSF for your organization

To learn more and discuss opportunities, call (888) 950-0474 or email

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