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How GreenPSF Works for Solutions Providers June 10th, 2015


GreenPSF connects building owners, managers, and users with solutions providers to do efficiency projects — including energy audits, RCx, demand response, efficiency retrofits, and renewable installations. (Note: we use the term solutions provider to include contractors, designers, engineers, consultants, product manufacturers, distributors, and so on.)

GreenPSF creates value for solutions providers by facilitating projects, including:

  • Identifying, marketing, educating, and developing customers
  • Performing assessments and audits (when applicable)
  • Nurturing customers through purchasing decisions

Getting Started

Property users start by either creating a project from the GreenPSF home page, or creating a free account.

Creating an Account

Creating an account takes about a minute. Doing so allows you to profile your company and its capabilities, as well as bid on projects.

Profiling Your Company

Briefly describe your company, services offered, market area(s) served, and other qualifications.

Add Projects

Upload examples of completed projects to increase credibility with prospective clients.

Request Client Reviews

Reach out to former clients to request reviews. The process is quick and easy, and helps your company stand out.

Get Qualified

By completing your profile details, adding three (3) completed projects, and getting three (3) client reviews your company is elevated to Qualified status and displayed higher in the search results.

Receive Project Leads

GreenPSF works with thousands of buyers nationwide to generate project referrals. You’ll receive leads via email (and a follow-up phone call). Log on to review the details and decide whether to bid.

Opt to Bid

When you decide to bid, you’ll agree to pay a project commission (if applicable) as well as abide by our Terms of Use, which includes keeping the client’s data confidential.

Ask Questions

Use the Notification Center to ask clarifying questions and get updates from the project administrator.

Submit a Proposal

Prior to the due date, submit your proposal using GreenPSF’s standard template, plus your company’s additional attachments.

Receive Feedback

Regardless of whether your company was chosen for the project, you’ll receive direct customer feedback.

Validate Audit Data

Your proposal is subject to a final walk-through to validate that the data provided to bid on is accurate and complete.

Contract Offline

If chosen as a finalist, you’ll contract directly with the client.

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