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Guide to the Challenge Admin Dashboard August 8th, 2016


GreenPSF’s Challenge Admin platform contains the Challenge Admin Dashboard (CAD), which helps challenge administrators track users, download reports, and increase participant engagement across their challenges, as well as the Prospects tool, which examines properties enrolled in you challenge. Here is a quick start guide on the CAD to take advantage of the abundant data at your fingertips.

Selecting a Challenge to View


Switch between different challenges including past years, space and property, or different programs depending on your administrator status.

Understanding the User Flow

To understand what each metric represents – and how to take advantage of the information – knowing the user path is imperative. For a participant to successfully compete in a challenge they must complete the following steps:

Step 1 – User signs up as a property user from a challenge website.

Step 2 – User creates a property or space.

Step 3 – User enrolls that property or space in a challenge.

Step 4 – User completes an activity on behalf of a property or space.

This guide will focus on the property challenge but what the metrics represent are the same for both challenge types.

The Metrics


The 3 sections of the CAD tracks the users through these steps so you can target which users need assistance. From the left section to right section, the metrics are:

  • Participating Property Users
    Number of users attached to a property that is enrolled in the challenge. If you’re wondering about the number of unique individuals in the challenge, this is the metric!
  • “Unattached” Property Users
    Users who completed Step 1 but have not completed Step 2 and/or Step 3.
  • Participating Properties
    Number of properties enrolled in the challenge.
  • “Inactive” Properties
    Percentage of participating properties that did not complete at least 1 activity.
  • Active Properties
    Number of participating properties that have completed at least 1 activity.
  • “Dormant” Properties
    Percentage of participating properties where no user attached to that property has logged in within the last 30 days.

The Comprehensive Reports

These are the core reports that can be used for an in-depth look into performance by an individual, property/space, activity type, location and more.

  • Activity Completion Report
    Each row corresponds to an activity completion by a property. This report can be filtered to find out which activities or categories are not as popular and then reach out to your participants to boost their numbers!
  • User Report
    Filter this report on activities completed, points awarded, location, property type to find your top performers. Because users can be attached to multiple properties and properties can have multiple users attached to them, this report will contain duplicate users. For example, Jane Doe can be linked to Property 1 and Property 2 so she will be listed twice, once for each property. De-duplicate the email column or property column to get a list of the property users and properties, respectively, participating in your challenge

As these are raw files, some work is needed to compose a meaningful report. A great tool for sifting through the data is Excel pivot table which quickly filters and sorts the information within the spreadsheets. If you would like a walkthrough of applying pivot tables to your data, please contact

The Metric Download Reports

To run a successful challenge program, you have to know where users are falling off through the process and help them get back track. These reports are meant to increase participation within your challenge by segmenting users so they can be easily contacted and assisted.


  • “Unattached” Property Users
    When users sign up through a challenge website, they are tagged with an integration number which enables the custom ads and logos to be displayed as well as tracking who didn’t complete the enrollment process. Use this download sheet to contact the people who may have had trouble enrolling in the challenge and encourage them to complete the next steps.
    (Note: users may be participating in another property/space challenge linked to your program.)
  • “Inactive” Properties
    Reach out to this list of properties and their attached users with a few simple activities such as “Invite a colleague to your property” or “Create a Green Team” to get them started and looking through the activities.
  • “Dormant” Properties
    Keeping users engaged is key to challenge success so download this report to find out which users need re-introduced to the program. Send an email highlighting quick activities to complete to get them back on track.

Similar to the User Report, the “Inactive” and “Dormant” properties spreadsheets will contain duplicate users so make sure to de-duplicate the email lists before starting your marketing campaign!

Additional Support

The Challenge Admin Dashboard contains a lot of data which can be overwhelming. If you have any questions or would like a walkthrough of the CAD, using Excel pivot tables, or other site features, contact and we would be happy to assist you.

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