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How to get incentives for your energy and sustainability projects July 17th, 2014

Financial incentives can dramatically improve return on investment (ROI) for energy & sustainability initiatives. Below is an overview of how to capture incentives for your next project.

Understand how incentives work

Incentives are available from utilities, governments, and non-profits and come in a variety of formats. Start with our primer on how incentives work and review where GreenPSF provides incentives research coverage.

Browse available incentives for your property

Add your property (or space) into GreenPSF and search for incentives. Browse all available incentives to get an basic idea of what may be available in your location.

Prioritize your projects

If you don’t already know what types of projects you’d like to pursue, there are numerous places to get started:

From these methods, you can gain a general understanding of the cost-benefits for performing various projects. Prioritize your highest-value projects and then prepare to do some more in-depth incentives research.

Review detailed information for specific incentives

Return to GreenPSF and review the details for specific incentives. (For each incentive, GreenPSF links directly to the source data — typically a website or PDF document.) If you have questions, contact a GreenPSF representative. (Note: in some locations, custom incentives may also be available to fund your project.)

Issue a Request for Proposal / get competitive bids

Solutions Providers that manufacture, distribute, and install efficient building products typically have a strong understanding of available incentives. Get competitive quotes and then cross-reference the incentives data in the proposals with your own research.

Execute the project

Depending on the project type and structure, many Solutions Providers may offer to handle incentives acquisition as part of a services contract. When available, take advantage of this service — but before finalizing a contract, make sure to perform your own due diligence independently.

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