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How to import utility meter data from Energy Star Portfolio Manager July 17th, 2014

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GreenPSF allows you to sync your utility meter data with your existing Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This lets you get the most out of both systems with no added effort or cost. If you do not have an Energy Star Portfolio Manager Account, click here to learn how to create one. Here’s how to sync your Energy Star and GreenPSF accounts:

 1.  On the left-hand control panel, select Property Profile > Utility Data

Property profile - Utility data

2.  Click on the blue “Sync Existing Account” button

sync existing account

3.  Follow the instructions on the Energy Star site to sync your accounts

Once your Energy Star Portfolio Manager and GreenPSF accounts are linked, they will automatically sync every night. This means that once the sync is set up, you only need to enter utility data into Portfolio Manager and your GreenPSF account will remain up-to-date.

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