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How to share your property with GreenPSF using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager November 26th, 2014

Link your GreenPSF and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Accounts


In order to share your property with GreenPSF on ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM), these steps must occur in order:

1. Add GreenPSF as a contact
2. GreenPSF will accept the contact request
3. Share your property with GreenPSF
4. GreenPSF will accept your share request

Here is a breakdown of each step:


Add GreenPSF as a Contact


1. From your ESPM Home page, click on “Contacts” in the upper right

2. Select “Add Contact”

Add Contact
3. In the “Find Contact in Portfolio Manager” box, type “GreenPSF” into the Name box and hit the Search button

Find Contact
4. Locate the GreenPSF Benchmarking account and click the blue “Connect” button

greenpsf connect
5. Email asking us to accept your Contact Request


GreenPSF Will Accept the Contact Request


1. After emailing asking us to accept your Contact Request, we will accept the contact request.
2. Once we have accepted the contact request, you will see a Notification stating “You are now connected to GreenPSF”

3. At this point, you can share your property with GreenPSF


Share Your Property with GreenPSF


1. Select the “Sharing” tab and click on the blue “Share (or Edit Access to) a Property” button

Share Property
2. Under the “Select Properties” dropdown menu, select whether you’d like to share one or multiple properties with GreenPSF

Share building
3. In the “Select People” section, select “GreenPSF, GreenPSF”

select people
4. In the “Choose Permissions” section, select “Different permissions for different share requests” and click on the blue “Continue” button

choose permissions
5. You will be directed to a page called “Share Your Property(ies)”. In the table below, select the “Exchange Data” button in the GreenPSF row

6. When you select the “Exchange Data button, a window will appear that asks for specific access permissions. Fill in as follows”

a. Property Information: Full Access
b. Each Meter: Read Only Access
c. Goals, Improvements, & Checklists: Full Access
d. Recognition: Full Access
e. Share Forward: No

access permissions1access permissions2

7. Click on the blue “Apply Selections & Authorize Exchange button

8. Click the blue “Share Property(ies)” button at the bottom of the page

Share Properties
9. You will be redirected back to your MyProperties home tab, where you should see a green success message and new sharing notifications, as shown here:

successful share
10. Email asking us to accept your Sharing Request


GreenPSF will Accept Your Share Request


1. After emailing asking us to accept your Share Request, we will accept the Share Request.
2. Once we have accepted the Share Request, you will see a number of Notifications indicating your meters and property shares have been accepted by GreenPSF

Share Notifications
3. At this point, your property and utility data are successfully shared with GreenPSF. You can view your utility data within GreenPSF by logging into your GreenPSF account, heading to the “My ESPM Syncs” tab, and selecting “Refresh ESPM Sync”



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